A informação social no corpo travesti (Belém, Pará): uma análise sob a perspectiva de Erving Goffman

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Social information in the travesty corpus (Belém, Pará): an analysis of Erving Goffman's point of view Having in mind a woman ideal, the travesties make use of a hybrid morphology, matching signs of masculinity and femininity, but the result is that they disqualified for a major society. This way, based on the notion of Goffman's social information, the objective of this paper is to analyze the bodies of the referred individuals, what is carried out according to a relational perspective. The corpus under analysis is the material obtained from an ethnographic research carried out in 2002 and 2003 among travesties, prostituted in Belém, Pará State. In general, the bodies of travesties show forth a diversity of information which conveys stigma, deviation, violence and wish, in the State capital
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