CBD Oil Tinctures Buyer’s Guide – How To Buy CBD Oil Tinctures

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CBD Oil Tinctures Buyer’s Guide – How To Buy CBD Oil Tinctures
Scientifically speaking, a tincture is an herbal medicine concentration that is in an alcohol solution. Leaves, roots, herbs, and various plants are soaked in an alcohol solution, after which the plant matter is strained and the remaining liquid is bottled and labeled as a tincture. In a CBD tincture, the solvent (alcohol) is infused with the hemp flowers or isolates (CBD in its purest extracted form) and exposed to heat, much in the same way we steep loose-leaf tea. As the mixture steeps, the majority of the alcohol evaporates. The remaining mixture is then strained and is flavored or enhanced with other herbs, essential oils, or other agents. It’s bottled in an eye-dropper and sold for consumer use. The tincture comprises all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from the plant without the plant needing to be in the solution. Common additives include flavouring, vitamins or minerals, sweeteners, herbs, etc.
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