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E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: (+25) 0788733368 or + (25)0788828308
Centre Ishema ry'Umuryango (CIU) is a charitable center created to improve and sustain Rwandan Family happiness. It was initiated and created by Rwandan social workers to help individuals, families and community identify causes of their problems, and provides a key intervention to solve or prevent them through a multi-disciplinary approach to assess them.
Centre Ishema ry'Umuryango exists to improve the wellbeing of individuals, families and communities through its psychosocial therapy techniques.
The center wishes to hold individuals, families and community in a bright, happy and secured position to work on their development as whole.
Ethical Principles
Awakened for client
Worth and dignity
Intention to details
Ishema ry' umuryango believes that the complexity of interactions between human beings and their environment, and the capacity of people to cope with them affect the way to alter multiple influences upon them including bio-psychosocial factors. Ishema ry'Umuryango draws on theories of human development and behavior, and social systems to analyze complex situations and to facilitate individuals, families and communities for psycho-social and cultural functioning.
Ishema ry' Umuryango utilizes a variety of skills, techniques, and activities consistent with its holistic focus on persons and their environments. These include counseling, family treatment and therapy, clinical social work, group work, social, and pedagogical work as well as efforts to help people obtain services and resources in their community.
Couple therapy
Couple therapy, also called marital therapy or marriage counseling, is designed to help intimate partners improve their relationship. It targets married couples as well as those people who are planning to engage marriage.
Problems to meet
The center has thought on this kind of service to such people to provide intervention to problems including the following:
Breakdown of communication and mistrust among partners
Some partners may feel pain of being distant from one another
Sexual related problems.
Alcohol or drug problems that negatively affect their relationship.
Finance management related problems
Others problems
The center's intervention includes services like:
Resolving marital and couple difficulties
Easing relationship or communication struggles
Coping with separation and divorce
Managing stress and parent/child difficulties
Moving beyond family violence or substance abuse
Dealing with emotional distress, anxiety or depression
Coping with grief and loss
The Couples Check-up involves a comprehensive assessment of a couple's strength and weaknesses in communication.

Child Therapy
Child therapy or child counseling is a service reserved to heal and adjust children to socially cohabite and adjust their behavior. It targets children who are anxious, depressed, or have difficulty getting along with others at home or school.
Some children have psycho-social problems resulting from family issues such including, divorce, new stepparents, single-parent homes, death of a parent or sibling, being homeless, or Being raised in an alcoholic family. Some others have emotional problems related to physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or any other disability. The role of the center is to make available specialized social workers and sociologists to redress such children.

Family Therapy
It involves one or more members of the same family to solve a social or psychological disturbance of individual member of family.
Problems that call Family therapy

A poor performance of a child at school
Delinquent behavior by a child or adolescent
Hostility between parent and child or between siblings
A severe or rampant sickness or infirmity of one member of the family

Educational Follow up
Education is the foundation of one's sustainability in his or her life. However, many people (parents) do not understand how to effectively educate their children. Some parents think that educating the children equal to find them excellent schools, bright teachers, updates books, additional courses,…IUC is not ignoring services illustrated above, but recognizes other parametric issue which had not really understood in the past years: why do children fail in their respective classes despite the effort made or get less than what was expected to get? Why do youth are dropping their schools despite the parents or caretaker efforts? Why parental-child relationship is broken despite the fortune in the family?
Based to that scenario, and in line with IUC mission and vision, IUC has taken an initiative to conduct an assessment to get accurate information which will help in development of the Youth Education Program so that it will provide a long term solution to the identified problems which are nowadays impacting negatively our society of Rwanda, therefore this is ruining our future generation.
We have to take human being as whole which cannot be divisible into parts. We have to adopt the approach which will allow us to assess all aspects which can contribute to the education of the children. The child as an individual, the child as an element of family, the child as an element in the society with peers and elders who seem to have an influence on his or her life. In addition to that, the data which will be collected will be helpful for Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual approach which will help us to understand more who we are working with.
Proposed services to be provided
Talent detection and Career guidance
School follow up
School drop-out assessment
Restoring the relationship between parents-Child-School
Stress Management
Attention deficit/Hyperactivity disorders
Specific Learning Disorders
Other problem of Clinical Attention:
Parent-Child relation problem
Sibling relational problems
Upbringing Away From Parents
Child Maltreatment and Neglect Problems
Child physical abuse (Suspected & confirmed)
Child Sexual abuse (Suspected & confirmed)
Child Psychological Abuse (Suspected & confirmed)
Child or adolescent with anti-social behaviors.
In holiday life skills trainings

Rehabilitation services
Inshema ry'Umuryango conducts rehabilitation services aimed at helping young adults who are having psychosocial and behavior disturbances resulted by alcohol and drug abuse, delinquencies and those who are maladjusted in society.

Baby care center
Human rights principles, anti-child labor laws and many other policies have brought change in Rwandan families and promoted education to all children. This change impact on family's life and implies the use of little house girls/boys from poor families to stay in family and assure house responsibilities including child care and child rearing and this is not allowed because it consists of preventing them their rights. At a certain level, parents are not always sure of the service given to babies especially that many of these house servants are not trained in this domain and are a kind of neglected group of people who seem to have neglecting behavior. This causes a development of intense anxiety of parents fearing from mistreatment of their children by such child care givers. The experience is that some children develop bad habits learnt from house keepers.
To this social problem, CIU will provide assistance to solve it in different ways including the following
Provide trained and talented house keepers to families
Train house boys/girls according to the required skills
Keeping babies and children in the center with all necessary cares until parents become available at home.

Psychometric assessment
This consists of testing one's aptitude to perform a given task. It is done by combining multi-disciplinary oriented tests. Psychometric assessment is mostly used in human resources departments in recruitments, staff promotion and special commission setting.

Event management
The center recognizes that happiness and brightness is a result of games, fans and enjoyments and these can't be found outside of creation of social events like ceremonies, study tours, picnics, and team building. For that, it can contract with anyone interested like individuals, families or organizations wishing to explore and enjoy the role of such events in making the family most happier. Within this component, we found:
Wedding Projects: people's businesses do not permit them to plan and implement effectively their wedding and other forms of ceremonies. CIU will provide to them services like planning, implementation and evaluation effectively according to the contract.
Team building events: this can be done with aim to recall relax after a given period of concentration and hard work between more than one individuals. It helps at reconstructing their interaction which might be crashed or destroyed by the work climate. It can includes picnics, tours, and visits. Centre Ishema ry'Umuryango will contract with you to assess the need, plan, implement and monitor to evaluate it.
Management consultancy services
Ishema ry'Umuryango is empowered and equipped with various skills in social domains. Its skills will can be used to conduct researches, surveys, and proposal writing and evaluation reports in its equivalent domain including family life, child care, education, youth management, psycho social promotion programs, and emotions management.
How to get access to services?
If you are interested in services, the first step is calling the center at (+25) 0788733368 or e mail it on [email protected] and completing an appointment via phone or e mail. Once complete, you need to contact the center for your issue assessment and get your specialist therapist to your case and arrange administrative dues. The therapist will contact you directly to schedule a mutually convenient appointment, usually within one week.

Opportunities of the Center

Centre Ishema ry'Umuryango, is highly equipped with specialized and experienced technicians in every domain of intervention and has developed a strong partnership with many other institutions which sound to link their services to the center.

Skills inside the center

Specialist in Social Welfare Administration
Specialist in Social Workers
Specialist in clinical psychology
Public Health and Human Nutrition practitioner
General medicine practitioner
Education M & E specialist

Welcome to the Centre Ishema ry'Umuryango!!

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