EM coil circular design

July 26, 2017 | Autor: Chess Inventor | Categoria: Physics, Electromagnetism, Energy, Alternative Energy, Gravity, Overunity
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This is the simplest implementation of my coil group idea, two or more EM coils sticked to a metallic plate so their magnetic output would increase due to Parallel Path effect.

Suppose we arrange these coil group in a circular track like this one, and all coil group are free to move backward or forward in the track. The green color to denote a magnet which we use to approach at least one EM coil in the direction of arrows as drawn here, that magnet would also drag another coil group in the direction of its movement. However, the movement of coil group in the back does NOT produce any reacting magnetic flux on the coils of that coil group.

Now we consider the reaction of the coil group in front of the magnet in the direction of movement of the magnet. A repulsive force is formed to push the magnet away, thus cause the coil group to move forward in the circular track along with the magnetic field created by the reaction toward the approach of magnet.

However, as the coil group approach another coil group from the side of EM coil, it produced (1+1)^2=4 times as powerful as the original magnetic flux on the side of metallic bar(in this case), due to Lenz's law again thus the coil group in the front would move away from the approaching coil group twice as fast as the original coil group approaching it. i.e. The kinetic energy is magnify twice when we have two EM coils in the group. And this process repeat itself within the circular track, and finally the EM coil group pull by the magnet also push the first EM coil group in the same direction. Then we will see endless motion of EM coil group as well as electrical energy output.

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