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Epilogue to the special issue of the International Journal of Zizek Studies focused on Zizek and Art, guest edited by Kristopher Holland and Hallie DeCathrine Jones.  In the epilogue, the two co-editors engage in a reflective discussion over various theoretical and practical implications surrounding "arts-based philosophy" and "artistic scholarship". Normalized forms of "academic discourse" (conferencing, publication, writing) are critically explored using artistic scholarship and arts-based philosophy as emergent forms of doing scholarly work that also presents new affordances and limitations. Paradigms of knowledge, discourse and making are discussed in the context of artistic, creative and theoretical boundary crossing. Five video-based, multimedia objects are included as part of the "discussion" in non-linguistic representational form. Keywords: transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, theory, art, philosophy, zizek, discourse, knowledge, meaning, communication, representation, images, visual studies, video, artefact, arts-based research, ABR, artistic research, artistic scholarship, ideology, hermeneutics
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