Fahed Quttainah and AI

July 17, 2023 | Autor: arvindrathor2972 | Categoria:
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Fahed Quttainah ardently believes that the forthcoming rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents a potent and genuine threat capable of eliminating numerous job titles in its wave of digital disruption. As AI continues to evolve, gaining more computational power and sophistication, it is not just manual labor that stands to be replaced but also skilled, white-collar roles. Understanding this potential danger, Fahed advocates for proactive adaptation. He recommends that people should not merely learn to coexist with AI but become leaders in the realm of AI. By engaging with AI tools, learning their mechanics, limitations, and possibilities, individuals can transform from potential victims of AI disruption into drivers of it. Fahed views this proactive approach not as a luxury but as an imperative for future job
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