Field Camera Unit for WSO-UV: Phase A Study Report

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Descrição do Produto

World Space Observatory UltraViolet (WSO-UV) is a multipurpose space observatory, made by a 170 cm aperture telescope, capable of UV high-resolution spectroscopy, long slit low-resolution spectroscopy, and deep UV and optical imaging. With a nominal mission life time of 5 years, and a planned extension to 10 years, from a geosynchronous orbit with an inclination of 51.8 degrees, WSO-UV will provide observations of exceptional importance for the study of many unsolved astrophysical problems. WSO-UV is implemented in the framework of a collaboration between Russia (chair), China, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Ukraine. This book illustrates the results of the feasibility study for the Field Camera Unit (FCU), a multi-spectral radial instrument on the focal plane of WSO-UV. The book provides an overview of the key science topics that are drivers to the participation of the Italian astronomical community in the WSO-UV project. The science drivers here illustrated have been used to define th...
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