Future of Cinema (Abstract)

October 4, 2017 | Autor: Maren Kiessling | Categoria: Film Studies, Cinema, Film, Cinema Studies, Future Cinema
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Maren Kiessling 2014-10-28

ABSTRACT The future of the cinema A study of new image dramaturgies in context of S3D, HFR, higher resolution and 180°/360°-projection From the beginning of distribution of digital content in cinema, the technological production and projection possibilities seem to develop at cyberspeed. Stereo 3D, Higher Frame Rate (HFR) and high-resolution images are taking over the big screen. New projection possibilities are researched, which go much further than the previously known flat screen. But what about the dramaturgical and pictorial content? Is it able to be up-to-date, is it considered yet or thought over? Should it adapt the new possibilities? This dissertation examines the present rules of image dramaturgy. How an extension and diversification can be made, adapted to the new technical representation of today and in future (Stereo 3D, HFR, HDR, 4K/8K, 180°/360°-projections). It became increasingly difficult to ignore the new possibilities for image design and dramaturgy. Today directors and cinematographers already agree, that the use of 3D effects must be adapt to the story, to get away from the ‘cinema of attractions’ to a qualitative use of 3D. Elements of image design and dramaturgy will be examined on its reasonableness in future cinema, for example the 180° system (Beller 2000: Onscreen/Offscreen), the shotreaction-shot or various camera settings. New studies on digital cinema technology will be shown and statements will be made, how a ‘cinema of the future’ will look like. Especially how image dramaturgy should look to attract the required audience. By means of film analyses, professional literature and interviews as well as test material, this paper will show the future of the cinema and particularly the changes and innovations in image dramaturgies.

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