Green Six Sigma - A New Concept

July 22, 2017 | Autor: Iwan Budhiarta | Categoria: Strategy (Business), Business Management, Business process reengineering
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Green 6-SIGMA

by Iwan Budhiarta on Wednesday, January 5, 2011 at 7:37pm

At this special occasion, I want to express my idea to the public about the other concept of Six Sigma that already exist. And the other is Green Six Sigma.

This idea is purely from my mind, after seeing that there's still have big failure potential in every Six Sigma application, just because the concept of environmental and social concerns has not included into Six Sigma yet.

Basic Theory of 6-SIGMA

Six Sigma is a management philosophy developed by Motorola that emphasizes setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analyzing results to a fine degree as a way to reduce defects in products and services. The Greek letter sigma is sometimes used to denote variation from a standard.

The philosophy behind Six Sigma is that if you measure how many defects are in a process, you can figure out how to systematically eliminate them and get as close to perfection as possible. In order for a company to achieve Six Sigma, it cannot produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities, where an opportunity is defined as a chance for nonconformance.

There are two Six Sigma processes: Six Sigma DMAIC and Six Sigma DMADV, each term derived from the major steps in the process. Six Sigma DMAIC is a process that defines, measures, analyzes, improves, and controls existing processes that fall below the Six Sigma specification. Six Sigma DMADV defines, measures, analyzes, designs, and verifies new processes or products that are trying to achieve Six Sigma quality.

All Six Sigma processes are executed by Six Sigma Green Belts or Six Sigma Black Belts, which are then overseen by a Six Sigma Master Black Belts, terms created by Motorola Inc.

Six Sigma proponents claim that its benefits include up to 50% process cost reduction, cycle-time improvement, less waste of materials, a better understanding of customer requirements, increased customer satisfaction, and more reliable products and services.

It is acknowledged that Six Sigma can be costly to implement and can take several years before a company begins to see bottom-line results. Texas Instruments, Scientific-Atlanta, General Electric, and Allied Signal are a few of the companies that practice Six Sigma.

Basic Idea of GREEN 6-SIGMA

In this recent world, when people and business entity seeking a better way to run their project or business, where the world was flat and the competition is so tight, the preparation and implementation of business strategies often appear to conflict with the principles of environmental conservation and the sustainability of natural resources.

Therefore, we need a recent breakthrough in planning and managing business processes that are expected to grow in a sustainable ways. Related with the sustainable development paradigm, the business process management strategies must also adjust and adapt the principles contained in this paradigm. What we have to explain is about Green 6-Sigma.

The basic idea of Green 6-Sigma is about maximizing assessment, monitoring, control and prevention of business processes risks factors to the environment vital components that interact directly. The emphasis is focused on the reduction of waste material from processing raw materials to distribution of ready-to-market material, the use of environmentally friendly or renewable energy, raw material usage that are not taken directly from nature, which's can disrupt the local biodiversity.

Potential Benefits:
By removing variation from production processes, fewer defects inherently result. A reduction in defects can, in turn, help eliminate waste from processes in three fundamental ways:
fewer defects decreases the number of products that must be scrapped;
fewer defects also means that the raw materials, energy, and resulting waste associated with the scrap are eliminated;
fewer defects decreases the amount of energy, raw material, and wastes that are used or generated to fix defective products that can be re-worked.

Green Six Sigma tools can help focus attention on reducing conditions that can result in accidents, spills, and equipment malfunctions. This can reduce the solid and hazardous wastes (e.g., contaminated rags and adsorbent pads) resulting from spills and leaks and their clean-up. This techniques that focus on product durability and reliability can increase the lifespan of products. This can reduce the frequency with which the product will need to be replaced, reducing the overall environmental impacts associated with meeting the customer need.

Potential Shortcoming:
Lack of technical capacity to effectively utilize Six Sigma tools can potentially decrease effectiveness of the strategy, and/or result in unexpected waste if inappropriately applied.

Green 6-Sigma >> Project water treating:

Define: Water treating unit in 15 years had never been able to handle the nameplate capacity. Treatment chemical costs were higher than other types of treatment units.
Measure: Confirmed flow rate through the system vs. nameplate.
Analyze: Measure system evaluation and found many measurements that were off by over 100%. Hourly operations identified key variables in the operation of the unit and the acceptable range of each. Conducted three different Designed Experiments.
Improve: Corrected the measurement problems. Found set of operating variables that produced 107% of nameplate capacity at higher quality with lower chemical use. Chemical use reduced by $180K per year.
Control: Hourly operations trained, procedures modified, process to check measurement instituted. Model for changes in inlet water conditions

At the end, this idea is still the beginning stage of the solid concept development. This idea is far from perfect. We request input from all associates to build a better theoretical concepts in this near future. Thank You and God Bless You.

Iwan Budhiarta, MEng, MSc, CPM, CWM, CMT, CAP
PhD Candidate - Carbon Emission Auditor

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