High Quality Injection Mold Making Manufacturer in China

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High Quality Injection Mold Making Manufacturer in China
Our in-house manufacturing unit has the capability and is technologically equipped with modern tools and equipment for creating the best custom moulds of plastic. The company has been focusing on export quality mould products since the time of its inception. Most of our exports are sent to the European and North American countries, and its quality strictly adheres to the HASCO and DME international standards.
Our expertise and proficiency lie in our rate of supply within the international markets. The approximate supply rate of our manufacturing unit is 25injection mold supplier 01 units of moulds in a month and we are striving to increase our growth rate over time. This supply rate depends on the complexity of the design provided by our esteemed clients. The other factors that affect our supply rate includes – the rate of supply of mould bases by Lung Kee Group, the heat processing treatment and the steel to be used according to our client’s specifications, our machine capacity which is about 7.5 ton and even our precision of 0.005mm. On an average, we strive in completing the whole process within a time period of 25-35 days.
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