Kontenerowe systemy transportowe. Geneza i rozwój do 1914 r. Container transport systems genesis and development to 1914 year

June 4, 2017 | Autor: K. Lewandowski | Categoria: History, Containers, Genesis, Containerization, Development of Load Units
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Lewandowski Krzysztof: Container transport systems, the genesis and development until 1914, pol: Kontenerowe systemy transportowe, geneza i rozwój do 1914, The book has introduction and seven chaptersIntroduction. This chapter provides an introduction to the book. Here has been presented the purpose and scope of the publication and the genesis of its creation. Also has been described the reasons writing of the topic this book. Here has been provided information about the containerization of before 1955 years.The first chapterDevelopment of Load units. Chapter concerns describe the development, throughout the history of loading units from the simplest, the basketwork containers, to units applicable in modern times, to 1914. Here is described containers from the bark and leather, the basketwork containers, ceramic containers, barrels, wooden crates, furniture vans, pallets and first containers known as the lift-vans.The second chapterDevelopment of handling equipment. Chapter presents problems the evolution of the handling equipment. Here is shown process of developing the cargo handling equipment in the form of simple machines, the first mechanical lifting equipment and selected handling equipment in warehouse.The third chapterThe development of means of transport. Chapter concerns the development of means of transport. Here is shown definition of the means of transport. It is shown the structural changes in marine and river vessels from muscle-powered and wind-powered vessels, through steam turbine and diesel engine. Here has been shown the  development of the navigation systems used in maritime transport. This chapter also describes changes in the structure land means of transport: road vehicles including cars and in the construction of railway vehicles. Here has been characterized the development of air transport balloons, airships and airplanes.The fourth chapterThe evolution of transshipment points. This chapter presents the changes that have occurred in the construction of transshipment points. Here is shown definition of the transshipment point which combine at least two different modes of transport. here is shown evolutions of the seaports, freight rail stations, airports and logistics terminals. . Because this monograph covers the period up to 1914., most of the content of this chapter is concerns seaports.The fifth chapter The outline of the historical background of the development of trade links, with including the impact of climate change. This chapter shows how scientific and technical progress concerning the transport equipment and transshipment has influenced the development of trade. Here is described how occurring climate here on earth since the days of ancient and presents connection between the development of trade in relation to other events, eg. wars or developing the industrial industry.The six chapter Factors of the evolution in the development of the load units. The chapter is a summary of the considerations for the development of loading units, which was associated with the evolution of means of transport, handling equipment, transport infrastructure, trade and political situation. Here is  presented the conclusions from the analysis.The seven chapter Summary. This chapter summarizes the discussion of the history of human activity in the trade.        Here is reminded the genesis of this book and this has been proved:  Malcolm McLean isn’t father of the containerization.
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