Microwave-assisted Friedländer synthesis of quinolines derivatives as potential antiparasitic agents

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Quinoline derivatives R 0410 Microwave-Assisted Friedlaender Synthesis of Quinolines Derivatives as PotenAntiparasitic Agents. — Microwave solvent-free reaction conditions are ex14- 157 tial plored to prepare quinoline derivatives with antiparasitic activity. Preliminary tests of some products reveal generally moderate effects. The piperidinyl derivative (VII) is found to be almost as active for Chagas' disease as the reference standard benznidazole. — (MUSCIA, G. C.; BOLLINI, M.; CARNEVALE, J. P.; BRUNO, A. M.; ASIS*, S. E.; Tetrahedron Lett. 47 (2006) 50, 8811-8815; Dep. Quim. Org., Fac. Farm. Bioquim., Univ. Buenos Aires, 1113 Buenos Aires, Argent.; Eng.) — Mais

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