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Question 1 Multiple Choice
[15 marks]

1. Which of the following is a network that provides connectivity and
resource sharing for a small office or home office.

a. Hybrid Network
b. Ethernet Network

c. SOHO Network

d. Tier Network

2. Small section of a private network that is located between two
firewalls and made

available for public access.

a. Packet Filter

b. Wire shark

c. Firewall

d. Demilitarized Zone(DMZ)

3. Which of the following is a windows systems that includes a simple

NAT implementation, but requires a separate device, such as a modem, to
provide actual internet connectivity.

a. Intranet

b. Internet Connection Sharing

c. Extranet

d. Dialup connection

4. Device that provides connection between wireless devices and enables

networks to connect to wired networks.

a. Wireless Access Point(WAP)

b. WI-FI Hotspot

c. WIMax

d. GPS

5. Which of the following is the method of securing a wireless local area

to prevent unauthorized network access and network data theft.

a. Service Set Identifier ( SSID)

b. Wireless Security

c. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

d. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WAP)

6. A complete system that is small, compact, lightweight, and portable.

a. Tablets

b. Laptop

c. PDA

d. IPod

7. Which of the following is used when a laptop computer replaces a
desktop computer. This technology is rarely used today and is
considered to be legacy hardware.

a. Docking station

b. Inverter

c. Keyboards

d. Accessory Bay

8. Which of the following is a scaled-down version of a docking station
that prevents

the interfaces that the laptop already has.

a. Port Forwarder

b. Express Cards

c. MicroDIMM

d. Port Replicator

9. Which of the following enables instant wireless communications between

resources, and computing devices.

a. Verizon Wireless

b. T-Mobile

c. AT&T Mobility

d. Mobile Technology

10. High-end mobile devices that provide users with a wide range of
functions, such as portable media players, Video cameras, GPS, high-
resolution touch screens, high-speed Wi-Fi, web browsers, and mobile
broadband, along with phone service.

a. Tablets
b. Mobile Carriers
c. Ipad
d. Smartphones

11. Wireless computing devices that are specifically designed for cars.
Many devices
includes feature such as a global positioning system (GPS), media
universal serial bus(USB), and Bluetooth communications.

a. Laptops
b. Windows smartphone
c. Carputers
d. PDAs (Personal Digital Assitantants).

12. There are a number of devices that employ mobile technology to connect
to the
Internet, cellular networks, and other mobile. Select types of
mobile devices
used today.

a. Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T Mobility
b. Mobile Technology, Mobile Carriers, Aero mobile
c. Smartphones, Tablets PC, Carputers, PDAs(Personal Digital Assistants)
d. Wi-Fi Mobile, Wimax, Skype, Wireless Phones

13. Which of the following is security protocol that combines digital
certificates for
authentication with public key data encryption.

a. Simple mail transmission protocol(SMTP)
b. Transmission communication protocol (TCP)
c. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
d. File Transfer Protocol(FTP)

14. Protects sensitive communication from eavesdropping and tampering by
using a
secure, encrypted, and authenticated channel over a TCP/IP

a. Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)
b. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
c. Transport Layer Security (TLS)
d. Lightweight Directory application Protocol(LDAP)

15. A formalized statement that defines how security will be implemented
managed within a particular organization.

a. Corporate Security Policy
b. Protocol
c. Internet Protocol (IP)
d. Access Control List (ACL)

Question 2 Match Column A and Column B
[15 marks]

"Column A "Column B "Answer "
"2.1 Any authentication scheme "A. Worm " K "
"that requires verification of " " "
"two or three authentication " " "
"factors. " " "
"2.2 Security Mechanism that "B. Malware "H "
"requires that each party in a " " "
"communication verify its " " "
"identity. " " "
"2.3 Authentication schemes based"C. Automated "F "
"on individual physical "System Recovery " "
"characteristics, such as " " "
"fingerprints or vocal patterns. " " "
"2.4 Unwanted software that has "D. Trojan Horse "B "
"the potential to damage a " " "
"system, impede performance or " " "
"create a nuisance condition. " " "
"2.5 An insidious type of malware"E. Spyware "D "
"that is itself a software attack" " "
"and can pave the way for a " " "
"number of other types of " " "
"attacks. " " "
"2.6 A piece of code that spreads"F. Biometrics "J "
"from one computer to another by " " "
"attaching itself to other files." " "
"2.7 Surreptitiously installed "G. Logic Bomb "E "
"malicious software that is " " "
"intended to track and report the" " "
"usage of a target system, or to " " "
"collect other data the author " " "
"wishes to obtain. " " "
"2.8 A piece of code that spreads"H. Mutual "A "
"from one computer to another on "Authentication " "
"its own, not by attaching itself" " "
"to another file. " " "
"2.9 A piece of code that sits "I. Blue Screen of"G "
"dormant on a target computer "Death (BSOD) " "
"until it is triggered by a " " "
"specific event, such as a " " "
"specific date. " " "
"2.10 Windows XP process that "J. Virus "C "
"uses backup data and the Windows" " "
"installation source files to " " "
"rebuild a failed computer " " "
"system. " " "
"2.11 Errors or system stop "K. Multi-factor "I "
"errors can be a symptom of file "Authentication " "
"system errors, viruses, hard " " "
"disk corruption, or controller " " "
"driver problems. " " "
"2.12 Can be used to access a "L. Event Viewer "O "
"user's computer to provide " " "
"assistance with various types of" " "
"issues. " " "
"2.13 System's event logs, which "M. Safe Mode "L "
"may contain specific information" " "
"about system errors or " " "
"significant events on the " " "
"computer. " " "
"2.14 A windows system startup "N. System File "M "
"method that loads only a minimal"Checker (sfc) " "
"set of drivers and services. " " "
"2.15 A Windows utility that "O. Remote Desktop"N "
"scans systems for file " " "
"corruptions on startup. This " " "
"tool is available in Windows XP " " "
"and Windows Server 2003. " " "

Question 3
[15 marks]

"State whether the following statement is True or False "True or False "
"3.1 A lockup error is an error condition that causes "True "
"the system or an application to stop responding to user" "
"input. " "
"3.2 Wi-Fi locators are utilities that can be installed "True "
"on computing devices to locate wireless networks within" "
"range of the device. " "
"3.3 Spam is an email-based threat where the user's "True "
"inbox is flooded with emails which act as vehicles that" "
"carry advertising material for products or promotions " "
"for get-rich-quick schemes and can sometimes deliver " "
"viruses or malware. " "
"3.4 Hijacked email is an account that has been accessed"True "
"by an attacker and is being used by the attacker to " "
"send and receive emails. " "
"3.5 Safe Mode are windows or frames that load and "False "
"appear automatically when a user connects to a " "
"particular web page. " "
"3.6 Safe Mode with Command Prompt starts the computer "False "
"with Safe Mode drivers and services, plus networking " "
"drivers and services. It is used when you need to use " "
"file on a network location repair the system. " "
"3.7 Safe Mode with Networking starts the computer with "False "
"Safe Mode drivers and services but with a command " "
"prompt interface. It is used when a system problem " "
"prevents the system from creating the windows graphical" "
"user interface (GUI) desktop. " "
"3.8 Pop-up blockers are included in most Internet "True "
"browsers and will prevent pop-ups from launching when a" "
"website is visited. " "
"3.9 Spam blockers will detect specific words that are "True "
"known to be included in a spam message. " "
"3.10 Antivirus software is an application that scans "True "
"files for executable code that matches patterns, known " "
"as signatures or definitions that are known to be " "
"common to viruses. " "
"3.11 System Restore is specially designed to protect "False "
"systems against spyware attacks. " "
"3.12 Human security refers to the implementation and "False "
"practice of various security control methods that are " "
"intended to restrict physical access to facilities. " "
"3.13 Weak Password is a password that meets the "False "
"complexity requirements that are set forth by a system " "
"administrator and documented in a security policy or " "
"password policy. " "
"3.14 Wifi-Protected Setup (WPS) is newer standard that " True "
"was released in 2007 by the Wi-Fi Alliance to enable an" "
"easy yet secure setup of small home networks. " "
"3.15 Key fobs are security devices small enough to "True "
"attach to key chain that contain identification " "
"information used to gain access to a physical entryway." "

Question 4 Long Questions
[15 marks]

4.1 Differentiate between a Firewall and Hardware Firewall

A Firewall – is a software program or hardware device that protects
networks from unauthorized access by blocking unsolicited. Or
Firewalls allow incoming or outgoing traffic that has specifically
been permitted by configuring settings. And or Firewalls use complex
filtering algorithms that analyze incoming network data based on
destination and source addresses, port numbers, and data type.

A Hardware Firewalls – is a hardware device, either stand-alone or
built into most routers, that protects computers on a private network
from unauthorized traffic.

4.2 Explain what is an encryption.

Encryption – is the process of converting data into a form that is not
easily recognized or understood by anyone who is not authorized to access
the data. Or Encryption – can be one-way, which means the encryption is
designed to hide only the cleartext and is never decrypted, or it can be
two-way, in which the encryption can be decrypted back to cleartext and

4.3 Wireless encryption conceals and protects data during transmission so
that if the

data were accessed during transmission it cannot . Mention Three
encryption types

available to provide encryption over wireless data transmissions.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

WiFi Protected Access (WAP)

WPA2 or 802.11i

4.4 Describe in detail Social engineering attack.

Social engineering attack – is type of attack that uses deception and
trickery to convince unsuspecting users to provide sensitive data or to
violate security guidelines.

4.5 Mention eight various types of social engineering attacks.

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