Xpress Contest Review

October 3, 2017 | Autor: Tim Wilson | Categoria: Marketing, Advertising, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing
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Xpress Contest Review

When I first heard Xpress Contest was about to be launched, I was wondering what all the excitement was about. I found out that John Thornhill was one of the product creators involved. If you've been working online for while then chances are you have already heard of him. He's a very successful online marketer and has previously created dozens of top internet marketing products. So, for that reason, I was extra curious about it and decided to share my Xpress Contest review. For the last few years many marketers, including myself have been using freebies to build an email list. For example, giving away a free report in return for someone joining their email list. What Xpress Contest allows you to do is a bit similar, but with a twist! The way that it works is like this, it allows you to create a stunning landing page, but instead of giving away a freebie to each new subscriber, as the name suggests you can run any type of contest you want. Yes, you guessed it, the visitor must submit their email address to enter the contest, so obviously this also means you are using Xpress Contest to grow your email list. Contests are unbelievable popular right now, lots of huge companies are using them to gain new customers. But with Xpress Contest it means even the "little guy" can have great success with this method. There's also a good chance of your contest going viral on Facebook or Twitter, which means plenty of free traffic for you! I hope you found this Xpress Contest review helpful. You can watch a short demo video on the site - http://tinyurl.com/xpress-contest

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