Festivals Antique Handmade Brass Lotus Shape Deepak

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Festivals Antique Handmade Brass Lotus Shape Deepak
Salvus App Solutions products are handcrafted to perfection by some of the world's famous artisans and then blend according to the needs of our customers. Salvus APP SOLUTIONS Stylish & Designer Decorative Golden Diya, Candle Holder & Tea light candles. These can be Used at Any occasion such as Festival, Birthday, Wedding, Ceremonies, Diya, Casual, etc. Colorful light holders are used as Diyas for decorating floors at the entrance door of a home or the puja mandir. People also use this decorative Diya for decorating the floor around the Christmas tree.
Lotus Shape Deepak, Handmade Brass Lotus Shape Deepak, Brass Deepak for temple
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