Glassix | AI Customer Support, Chatbots & Messaging Software

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Glassix | AI Customer Support, Chatbots & Messaging Software –

Glassix is the leading AI-powered customer support, chatbots, and messaging software designed to meet the ever-changing needs of startups and small businesses. With its AI-powered unified inbox, visual chatbot builder, and innovative and empowering features, it helps thousands across the globe deliver stellar customer experience. Glassix is much more than an AI ticketing system; it's a unified communications platform that is powered by AI and built to grow your thriving business. Are you looking for AI customer support software? Or are you in search of building an AI chatbot that can easily eliminate more than 50% of your mundane tasks? Take Glassix for a 30-day free trial; no credit card is required!

Customer support software, AI chatbot, customer service software, unified communications software, omnichannel software
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