Jewelry Factory Custom Jewelry Maker | Alpha Jewelry

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Jewelry Factory Custom Jewelry Maker | Alpha Jewelry
Alpha Jewelry Factory provides high-quality jewelry customization, 7-day lead-time, 1-piece order quantity, which makes it easier for all jewelry sellers to start their business. Since 2006, Alpha Jewelry has been a trusted jewelry production, design and development partner for jewelry businesses big and small across the globe. Whether your project is a single one-of-a-kind piece, a thousand pieces or simply just a sketch, Alpha Jewelry is equipped with the expertise and technology to bring your designs to full scale production. We specialize in creating jewelry in various colors and purities of gold, platinum, and sterling silver. We firmly believe in good design is good business; thus, we have an in-house design team with direct experience in the jewelry trade to provide the perfect manufacturable CAD design every time. We also have great respect for your designs and guarantee 100% confidentiality with every project. In addition to using only the finest precious metals in our products, we also source and set thousands of diamonds and gems each week. No project with Alpha Jewelry is too complex, and we welcome even your most creative ideas.
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