Peripheral vascular access: a global perspective

July 8, 2017 | Autor: Gillian Ray-Barruel | Categoria: Nursing, Evidence Based Nursing, Vascular Access
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Peripheral  Vascular  Access:     a  global  perspec3ve

The  5th  NIVAS  conference,  9–10  June,  2015,  Bristol   Gillian  Ray-­‐Barruel,  RN,  BSN,  Grad  Cert  ICU  Nursing,  BA(Hons)     Principal  InvesLgator  &  Study  Coordinator,  OMG  PIVC  Study     Senior  Research  Assistant,  AVATAR  group   NHMRC  Centre  for  Research  excellence  in  Nursing   Menzies  Health  InsLtute  Queensland   Griffith  University,  Australia  

Disclosures   •  Thank  you  to  BD  who  kindly  paid  my   airfares  &  accommodaLon  in  Bristol   •  The  OMG  PIVC  study  has  received  some   unrestricted  research  funds  from  BD,   CareFusion,  Centurion,  3M  and  BBraun  

Significance  of  Peripheral  Vascular  Access   Devices


Actual  number  of  PIVCs  inserted  each  year  is  unknown,   but  esLmates  from  global  device  sales  have  been   reported  to  be  approximately  1.2  billion.       PIVCs  make  up  90%  of  the  total  VAD  market.  

PR  Newswire.  Global  peripheral  I.V.  catheter  market  2014–2018.  Available  at:   h`p://­‐releases/global-­‐  peripheral-­‐iv-­‐catheter-­‐ market-­‐2014–2018-­‐257019061.html.  Accessed  April  28,  2015.    


Cochrane   Reviews   Pilot  trials,   SimulaLon  

AVATAR  PIVC  research  

Micro  lab   studies  

RCTs   PracLce   surveys,   Cohort   studies  

Health   Economics  

•  •  • 

DRiP  –  RouLne  vs  Clinically  indicated  removal  of  PIVCs   SAVE  –  Securement  and  dressing  of  PIVCs   FliP  –  Flushing  of  PIVCs  

•  •  •  • 

REPLACE  –  large  cohort  longitudinal  study  PIVCs   IMPROVE  –  Inser60  countries   •  Language/translaLon  issues:  18  languages   •  Lack  of  funding   •  Minimal  experience  with  the  survey  tools   •  Ethics  approval  process     •  Clinicians,  not  researchers  

Main  study:  progress  to  date •  Hundreds  of  hospitals  registered   •  Hundreds  of  ethics  applicaLons  internaLonally   •  Forms  &  online  survey  available  in  18  languages   •  RegistraLon  has  closed     •  Data  entry  ongoing     •  Currently  14  people  entering  data   •  Networking  and  friendships  developed       >  30,000  PIVCs  in  >50  countries  have  been  entered  so  far  

Conclusion   •  Much  more  needs  to  be  done  to  improve   PIVC  &  paLent  outcomes   •  The  OMG  PIVC  study  will  idenLfy   contribuLng  factors  for  PIVC  failure  in  the   clinical  se}ng     •  Will  provide  unprecedented   benchmarking  across  the  globe  

OMG  Full  results  to  be  released  at   WoCoVa  in  Lisbon,  June  2016!    

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