Porphyra CFP issue XXIV

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PORPHYRA, International academic journal in Byzantine Studies ISSN 2240-5240 www.porphyra.it

BYZANTIUM AND THE “OTHERS” Call for Contributions Issue XXIV Deadline: 1st December 2015 In the upcoming (XXIV) issue, Porphyra will return to a thematic focus. Two-thirds of the articles will be related to the issue’s main topic, while the rest will be on generic themes from within Byzantine Studies. Authors are thereby invited to submit papers either on the given theme or on another topic of their choice. Approaches can range from a variety of fields and disciplines such as history, theology, literature, archaeology, anthropology, and art history. The (XXIV) issue is entitled: “Byzantium and the ‘Others’”. The Byzantine Empire during its millennia of history was subjected to various forms of foreign influence. The Byzantine Empire bordered Persia, Armenia, and many different tribes beyond the Danube River which induced, to various extents, a cultural osmosis between these groups, either through armed or peaceful interactions. Although the assimilation of external cultural and military elements ran against the official state ideology, a passive and active ethnogenesis with people from outside the imperial borders nonetheless took place. In this context, “the others” include: peoples outside of the border (like the Persians), peoples inside of the border of foreign ethnicities (like the Germans and Armenians), and peoples of different religions and denominations. The relationship between Byzantium and “the Others” can be addressed from different angles, at various stages and periods. Papers may be submitted in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Modern Greek. Contributions must be complete upon submission – a proposal is no longer sufficient for a contribution. Editorial rules must be followed precisely; otherwise the contribution will be rejected. To be accepted the article in full must comply with general scientific standards of research and publication, and be formatted according to Porphyra editorial rules (found on the website). Every article must be accompanied with a short English abstract (250-300 words max) and 10-15 keywords. It is also possible to submit monograph reviews (1500 words max). The deadline is set for the 1st of December 2015. Proposal must be sent to: [email protected] Review must be sent to: [email protected] Website: www.porphyra.it Editorial rules: http://www.porphyra.it/Editorial%20Rules.pdf

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